Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cultural Synergy In Global Business

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Conducting Global Business
In order to lead diverse cultures, businesses have to understand and adapt to them. The global market provides opportunities for businesses to expand their markets, more revenue, access to more resources and supplies, larger talent pool of employees, and the opportunity of a market development. However, doing global business includes a task of challenges due to all the different cultures in the world. Globalization of a business means operating in different countries and learning about different cultures. It is very important for companies to study the new culture where they are planning to open a business, and to learn about cultural differences, this will prevent companies from ethical cultural issues and differences.
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Cultural synergy have many advantages; for example, businesses benefit from cultural diversity, and it provides the opportunity for companies to have new and original ideas from a global workforce. In addition, there is an increase of problem solving skills and creativity from employees. Cultural synergy in global management helps to understand local employees, work effectively with local clients and to have a better understanding of the legal and social cultural environment. The disadvantages of cultural synergy are; costs caused by cultural diversity, increase of complexity and confusion between employees’ diversity. Cultural synergy in management can cause difficulty of communication and difficultness to agree in different company’s situations. In addition, cultural synergy, sometimes produce misunderstanding with polices, strategies, and business practices. One way to balance cultural synergy in global management is to manage the impacts of diversity, to recognize the importance of both cultures, and to recognize that neither culture is more important than the other one. Starbucks is an example of successful cultural synergy in global management, Starbucks supports international principles and ethical business practices. Starbucks is a company that maintains global responsibility with every country where it has businesses, and also maintains a high social responsibility and helps the

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