Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Essay

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Technology has come along a way since I was a kid. If you were to go outside you will see many people with cell phones and Ipads. If we were to go back a few years you would hardly see people with all these kinds of technology. But one type of technology that continues to grow and has many advantages and disadvantages would have to be computers.
Some of the benefits of having computers would be how simple it is to communicate with family who live far away and now-a-days everything has to do with computers. Schools are now using computers and Ipads so students can turn in their work. Almost everything has something to do with computers. I would say the best benefit having computers would be the easy access to information on the computers. But
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I use the internet every day and I find it very helpful with everyday activities. I am constantly using the internet for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and mostly would be Skype to keep in touch with my family in Andrews. Although it is very handy there is still disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages would be I get easily distracted with anything just writing this essay as I said previously is pretty hard for me because it’s hard to concentrate when I have all these things around me such as the TV and my phone and mainly since I am on a laptop I have endless access to things on the internet. Some of the major disadvantages of computer networks are: Security Issues, Rapid Spread of computer viruses, expensive set up, and dependency on the Main File Server (me.xitiz, 2010). Even though there are some disadvantages I personally feel the advantages of everything computers have to offer over power any of the disadvantages. In a world filled with many advances in technology are going to have some disadvantages but if used correctly and wisely I feel like there wouldn’t be many problems. But nonetheless I feel like computers have helped us in the long run. It makes it easier for people to stay in touch with their families I also find it easier to do

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