Telecommunication Vs Telenursing

As we begin to investigate how life around us has improved, we realize that Albert Einstein stated, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."
In today’s society, almost everyone owns some kind of an electronic device. It is what we depend on to communicate with each other. With the evolution of technology, we have seen drastic improvements, from the invention of the telegraph to live video conferencing devices. The way we have interacted throughout the ages has changed significantly- A new mother can use a baby monitor to watch her infant sleep while she is in another room or a husband stationed in a different country
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This is great for those who live in rural areas with no means of transportation. Telehealth allows nurses (telenursing) to use evidence base practice healthcare remotely (Odeh, B., Kayyali, R., Nabhani-Gebara, S., & Philip, N. 2014). Although it is a unique form of healthcare, telecommunication is a method people use when they cannot physically appear in front of each other. Telenursing allows nurses use telecommunication devices to deliver care to patients who live alone, live in remote areas or who may be unable to travel to doctor’s appointments. Patients can be monitored remotely in order to better manage their chronic conditions. Telenursing allows fewer nurses to deliver more …show more content…
According to Tomika, she has resigned and plans to work in an agency that installs telemonitoring equipment into the homes of those with chronic illnesses. She would not be visiting her patients in their homes, but rather would be assessing and interacting with them via videoconferencing (DeVry, 2015).
Nurses who acquire jobs in telenursing face many advantages and disadvantages. Patients on the other hand who participate in telehealth must be dedicated to their treatment protocol. Telenursing sounds interesting however; is it the right career move. A nurse must decide if a career move is right for them. They should investigate and form a conclusion; is this job a good career move, do they have enough nursing experience to see patients by sight with no supervision and finally are they ready to stay home and not have any patient / nurse interaction.
With the evolution of technology telenursing can be performed distantly- two people can communicate in real time even though they are in two separate places. Personally I do not like the idea of telenursing. However, I am convinced that telenursing is a good idea for those who can

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