Almond Milk Research Paper

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Researchers have found that twenty-one percent of milk buyers choose tasty milk alternatives rather than the original cow’s milk ("Milk Substitutes vs. Cow Milk”). Almond milk serves as a popular, savory alternative to cow’s milk. Throughout the whole year, almonds maintain their availability, which allows for an easier access to supply almond milk in stores. A variety of reasons claim that almond milk exists as a popular alternative to cow’s milk. Those who suffer from diabetes and lactose intolerance or choose to be a sacrificing vegetarian or a sparing vegan can drink this scrumptious beverage. Along with the unique flavor of almond milk, an advantage of the popular drink is that it does not require refrigeration like dairy products generally …show more content…
According to Nutty from the NutMilk article, almond milk has a low level of sodium and not a single bit of cholesterol. These advantages help the body because it helps lead a person to having a healthier heart. In addition, the total amount of protein found in almond milk adds up to around one to two grams. However, cow’s milk contributes more protein with about eight and two tenths grams in one eight ounce serving of milk. (“Milk Substitutes vs. Cow Milk”) Krissy Brady states even more advantages that help with organ function in her article titled, “11 Benefits of Almond Milk, You Didn’t Know About.” These include how almond milk has low carbs and consists of one gram of fiber. Having low carbs affects an individual’s health because it reduces the chance of having high blood pressure or diabetes, and fiber aids the digestion of an individual. Among all of the proteins and minerals found in almond milk, there is a disadvantage. Some of the almond milk people buy from the store for their everyday beverage may have sugar included if sweetened lightly (“Milk Substitutes vs. Cow Milk”). As one can see, many nutritional ingredients are found in the popular drink. Although, these minerals and proteins only contribute to a small part of what makes almond milk the healthier option when compared to cow’s milk. These attributes found throughout the drink also help …show more content…
Almond milk has the right minerals and enough protein to provide muscle growth and bone growth. To improve one’s bone and muscle growth, one simply needs a source of protein and calcium. Although the almond milk only contains about two grams of protein in one eight ounce serving of the milk, it has many B vitamins. Some of the vitamins found in the tasty almond milk include iron and riboflavin. These particular vitamins assist with the muscle growth and healing. Iron maintains the transportation of oxygen from the lungs to the muscle. Therefore, it assists with the muscle growth. (Brady, Krissy) One could drink almond milk for its taste, but one could also drink it because of the good source of calcium. It exists as the perfect drink to improve one’s bone strength. Almond milk contains 30 percent to 40 percent of the recommended daily value of calcium, and cow’s milk on the other hand only contains about 31 percent ("Milk Substitutes vs. Cow

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