Essay about Advanced Food Hygiene

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Assignment A- Food safety management procedures (Compulsory)


I am currently working in a busy hotel at the heart of a busy up market area. As part of my role I am responsible for the management and auditing of the kitchen, we have 6 permanent staff and 4 temporary who are seasonal workers. It is as part of these responsibilities that i have to ensure that all food safety management procedures are followed and when needed, up dated.

This assignment is in three parts and is broken down to the following areas:

The first describes the how procedures ensure effective compliance with currant legislation and codes of practice within our business.

The second explains
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To protect non-employees and members of the public against risk to health and safety, arising from activities of persons at work.

I took these all into consideration whilst preparing a written safety policy, this was important as our hotel employs more than 5 personnel and in order to avoid any prosecution should we fall foul of any complaint or subsequent investigation, the penalties for any such offence are clearly stated within The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations, 2006. [8]A person guilty of an offence under these regulations shall be liable to:

On summary conviction (at a magistrates’ court)

to a maximum fine of £5,000.

On conviction on indictment (at a crown court in front of

a judge and jury) to imprisonment for up to 2 years

and/or an unlimited fine.

A person guilty of obstruction or knowingly misleading information on summary conviction can be fined up to £5,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three months.

As well as the regulations explained it is important to understand, Regulation 10 of the Food Hygiene

(England) Regulations, Defence of Due Diligence. To prove a due diligence defence, evidence must be documented. This evidence should include information on staff training, hazard analysis systems, temperature checks, cleaning schedules, hygiene audits, maintenance reports and pest contractor’s reports. As part of our strategy these records have been incorporated into the Hotels Food Safety

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