Adult Learners : The Southern Regional Education Board Essay

2275 Words May 3rd, 2015 10 Pages
Education has taken quite a different role in peoples’ lives in the more recent past. While it has always been available to anyone, adults seem to be more of prevalent in the education community with all of the options available. People are able to enhance their professional skills or get additional degrees from a variety of sources. What defines adult learners is a controversial discussion. The Southern Regional Education Board describes adult learners as, “A very diverse group (typically ages 25 and older) with a wide range of abilities, educational and cultural backgrounds, responsibilities and job experiences,” (2015, p. 1). This is often people who decide to attend school later in life or take more specific courses for their career. These students often, “Do not follow the traditional education pattern of leaving high school and enrolling immediately in some type of postsecondary education,” (2015, p. 1). Adult learners take a variety of roles in education and this is helping diversify the learning experience. The most interesting aspect of adult learning is the transition in the delivery form. This paper will examine the movement from the more traditional adult learning experience to the online environment and what this will mean in the future. While there are many differences to take note of in the change from traditional to online settings for adult learning, researchers agree on similarities with characteristics for adult learners. These characteristics cross over…

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