Adult Education and Globalisation Essay

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Integrated Studies Project submitted to Dr. Angela Specht in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts – Integrated Studies

Athabasca, Alberta April, 2008

Abstract This project consists of two parts. The first section is a literature review of the following topics: Adult education, Ontario’s approach to Adult education, four different pedagogical approaches to Adult education (andragogy, self-directed learning, informal and incidental learning, and emotions and imagination), education and globalization. These areas were reviewed to identify key elements around Adult education, as well as for how contemporary globalization
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The approach to teaching adult learners can be varied as there are several theories to how adults learn. For the purpose of this literature review, I will be examining the research on four adult education philosophies: andragogy, self-directed learning, informal or incidental learning and emotions and imagination. This information will be used as the foundation for my research project which will examine the use of these theories in the practice of adult education in Ontario. Why examine the practice of adult education? It is foreseeable that as the world changes, reasons for learning will also be influenced. One of the most pervasive changes in our world today is globalization. Globalization has been defined in many ways, but in essence, it can be thought of as the erasing of borders between countries and nations. This porosity has meant that local issues, concerns and practices now have an impact across the globe. As the world continues to shrink and become more interconnected, education will continue to be a means to function in a global community. As such, globalization– its definition, and impact on adult education, will be reviewed. Relevance of this study Globalization is a reality that impacts how we live our lives. This reality made me wonder what the impact of globalization on adult education is. Will adult learning expectations change? Will the current philosophy evolve? Currently, these

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