Essay about Adult Crown Recement

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Adult Crown Re-cement

Before the dentist can carry out any treatments, I have to prepare the surgery. I put on my gloves and wipe down the spittoon, light, chair and work surfaces with hard surface disinfectant wipes. This is done to help prevent cross contamination. I get the patients records up on the computer and check the patient’s record and medical history. I do this to make sure the patient is not allergic to any medications that will be used in the re-cementing of the crown. I would also make available any radiographs. I make are that the patient has a signed consent form. I now set out the equipment, instruments, and materials that are required for this treatment. These include:

• Safety glasses – PPE
• Gloves – PPE
• Mask
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The dentist asks me to mix two scoops of the cement. When I have mixed the cement, I hand it to the dentist avoiding passing it over the patients face. The dentist puts the cement into the crown and fixes it back into positions. I put the used leaf of the mixing pad in the dirty zone and wipe the mixing spatula with a hard disinfection wipe. The helps to eliminate the need for manual scrubbing. When the cement is set, the dentist removes the excess cement with a hand scalar. The patient is asked to rinse there mouth and they are given instruction not to eat anything for an hour until the cement is complete set.

Now the treatment is complete the electronic record is updated. I take off the patients bib and safety glasses and the patient is free to leave. I collect the dirty instruments and place them in the dirty zone. The instruments are then put into a plastic box, ready to be taken to the sterilisation room. I take off my gloves and put a clean pair on for decontaminating the surgery. I use hard surface disinfectant wipes to wipe down the chair, work surfaces, light safety glasses, bib and the cement bottle. I use hard surface disinfectant spray and a paper towel to clean down the spittoon. The gloves, masks, paper towel, plastic cup and mixing pad leaf are discarded in the clinical waste bin. I finally wash my hands

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