Adoption Is A Big Issue Of Adoption In The World

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Adoption is a big controversy in the world. There is so many families going through it.

But what is it for? To help the child? My sisters and I went through this process. It was a little

different because we were adopted through our family. But we were going through the situations

that will require for adoption to take place. Neglect, abuse, and parents being alcoholics and

doing drugs is a big problem. Seeing it personally helped my perspective on adoption. Yes some

families will be taken apart but every child is given the option to get adopted through family if it

is safe. Others aren’t so lucky. But, when my sisters and I were adopted by our grandparents it

was like having a new life. Getting out of that situation helped us
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Because of the fact that they are issued with a new birth certificate

adopted people grow up believing that their birth heritage is disposable. Shawyer describes the

falsification of birth records as, an insult to personal identity. In some states it is not allowed and

never will be they think it is terrible to take children from their family. Professor David said

adoption is not necessary and is never has been. Adoption was a social experiment. He thinks

there are no conditions that make adoption necessary. Mothers grieve for the loss of their

children and children grieve for the loss of their parents. They do say that there are some families

that the children are not safe and need to get out of there. But having them go live with people

that they never know, they should be adopted through family, or social circles, people they do

know. Children do need security. In many cases people only adopt the child just to see if they

really want it but soon return the child who is up for adoption again or soon fostered. It is

unconditional love that secures a child not a piece of paper. Many children do feel safe
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But then there are other children that are kept in their families or in foster care that are

shuffled back and forth between the two for whom adoption should be considered but is not. It is

just said that adoption wouldn’t be good for them that the children are almost always better off

with their parents. But adoption works and it helps children get away from abuse and neglect.

This is true in terms of all the measures social scientists use to assess well-being including

measures of self-esteem and outcome measures related to later education, employment crime and

the like. It is also true in terms of abuse and neglect rates. Adoptive children are less likely to

suffer child abuse than is the norm in the general population of children raised by their biological

parents. Based on all measures of human well-being that social scientists have devised, reveal no

damage suffered by virtue of transferring children from their biological parents to adoptive

parents. What does help this study is that children are placed in appropriate homes as soon as

possible. But a problem is that adoption doesn’t always work with children in foster care today.

Adoption skeptics say that it doesn’t because the children are too damaged, and many of

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