Drinking While Pregnant Essay

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Effects of Drinking While Pregnant
According to the journal, An Argument That Goes Back To The Womb, throughout the past 43 years, there has been battle after battle over the right or wrongness of drinking while pregnant. Since alcohol was legalized, women have the right to drink so long as they are of age, but when Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) were discovered it forced women to stop thinking of their rights and think about the baby in the wombs rights by making the right choice to not drink while pregnant for the betterment of the child she was carrying. This, however, is not the choice many women choose to make (Golden, 1999). When women do not use self-restraint by drinking while pregnant, it will cause many issues that cannot be undone; drinking while pregnant greatly increases the chance of a miscarriage, premature delivery, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Per journal entry, Drinking While Pregnant Harms the Baby peopled did not think
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There are two stages that take place during pregnancy, first the embryonic stage that lasts the first eight weeks after fertilization and second, the fetal stage that lasts the remainder of the pregnancy (O’Neil, 2011). During the first two weeks of pregnancy, the zygote divides and implants in the uterus. An embryo is formed. At this stage, the biggest concern to have if drinking is that the zygote might not implant into the uterus correctly or possible at all. The women could also have a miscarriage due to drinking during this fragile time. During week three, the process called differentiation occurs. This process is where the embryos cells begin to rapidly multiply and take on specific functions. During this phase, because of the rapid growth, the embryo is highly susceptible to damage (Chapter 2 FASD and alcohol consumption

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