Adolf Hitler 's Influence On The World Of The 20th Century Essay

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Adolf Hitler was one of the most influential and infamous dictators of the 20th century. Hitler’s upbringing and experiences as a member of the German Army during World War I, created a sense of German Nationalism that was the catalyst to his anti-Semitic views later in life. As the leader of the Nazi party, Hitler’s primary goal was to rid the world of the Jewish population and create a master race. Hitler’s beliefs were filled with hate and German supremacy. Although Germany was a cultured and literate country Hitler rose to power through fear mongering, appealing to a wide-range of Germans, and participating in back door politics.
Adolf Hitler, born in 1889 in Austria, was the fourth child of his parents’ six. Throughout his childhood, Hitler had an emotionally strained relationship with his father. Hitler’s father died in 1903 after which time his mother allowed him to drop out of school. After his mother’s death in 1907, Hilter moved to Vienna and then to Munich in 1913. At the start of World War I, Hitler applied to serve in the German Army and was accepted in 1914 (Editors, 2016).
After Germany’s surrender in 1918, Hitler’s feelings of betrayal by his country’s leaders intensified his sense of German nationalism. This led to Hitler’s involvement in the German Worker’s Party, which was a catalyst for his anti-Semitism, Geman nationalism, and anti-Marxist views. The German Worker’s Party promoted German pride and anti-Semitism, while also expressing its…

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