Adolf Hitler: Negative And Effective Leader

Hitler: Negative but Effective Leader
Not everyone is made to be a leader. Leaders are responsible for all the accomplishments and failures that happen while they are in charge. Not many people are brave enough to handle this pressure and many are unable to keep their followers happy. A great leader should be able to bring a group of people together and be able to help, teach, and motivate them on how to reach their goals. A great leader is able to keep his people in high spirits when everything seems to go wrong. Adolf Hitler was a great leader because he was able to motivate, influence and lead the people of Germany.
Hitler came in a time of need for Germany. President Paul von Hindenburg was falling underneath all the pressure and instead
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This put trust between him and the Germans. The trust between them motivated them to help him reach this goal as well. It was a common goal that they all wanted and he stepped up to lead them to accomplish it. In order to accomplish these goals, they needed to figure out what the problem was so that they could find a solution to it. Hitler found the problem and the solution very quickly. The problem were the Jews they took their jobs, their business, and their money. Identifying the problem gave Germany the motivation to get rid of the Jews. They thought that getting rid of them would restore everything that they …show more content…
He influenced them by gaining their trust and by showing them how much he loved Germany. Hitler grew close to his followers he treated them as family. He would play with their children and enjoyed them. He welcomed them into his life and with that they welcomed him in to their lives. This made him even more popular and trust worthy. His people were ready to die for him. He wanted the best for this country just like they did. After he gained their trust he was able to make a huge impression on them and this is why they believed his beliefs. The trust that they put in Hitler is what allowed him to influence a whole nation into to his world view, his politics, his hate, his war, and his crimes (cite). Hitler was able to influence and motivate Germany but he wouldn’t have been able to do this if he wasn’t a good leader. Many people can have the tools to lead others but if you do not know what to do with these tools you cannot lead people. Hitler knew what to do he knew how to lead people.
Germany loved and feared Hitler at the same time. They loved him for all that he was doing for their country but feared him because of how much power he had. Of course there were some people who did not agree with what Hitler was doing or how he was doing it but his followers were so committed to him that they would get rid of them as well. The people that rebelled against him

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