Adolf Hitler: The Quintessential Leader

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Adolf Hitler: The Quintessential Leader “A leader is a man who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” (John Maxwell) Despite his obvious faults, Adolf Hitler, the Führer of Nazi-Germany from 1934-1945 was a great leader because he possessed the characteristics of a Great Leader. During the course of Hitler’s presidency, there were many circumstances in which he was able to Delegate effectively which results in a fast completion of tasks in an organized manor. One of Hitler’s defining characteristics is his ability to Plan ahead which in the end, was the main reason he was able to conquer so quickly and effectively and also made him a better ruler of his own country. Lastly, Hitler had the characteristic of being extremely meticulous …show more content…
While Hitler was in prison following the “Beer Hall Putsch”, he dictated most of Mein Kampf to his Deputy. “We must first root out the causes which led to our collapse and we must eliminate all those who are profiting by that collapse. Then we shall be in a position to take up the fight for the restoration of our freedom in the management of our foreign relations“(S2 465). Hitler is explaining how he wants to “...eliminate all those who are profiting by that collapse”(S2 465) and by this he is talking about the Jews and foreign countries such as the U.S.A. Hitler was able to recognize and plan who he wanted to take out, and why so that it would further benefit him and his country which defines him as a great leader. Secondly, Hitler’s ability to plan was shown when he planned out the Invasion of Poland. Hitler was not only just attacking Poland by marching his men through the borders of Poland, but he was also bombing major cities to inflict fear, using tanks to flank and take out other cities that the soldiers took longer to reach, and was also attacking from multiple angles. All of the execution of the raid had to be meticulously planned so that everything was perfect to minimize German casualties which further benefitted him and his countrymen. Lastly, Hitler’s planning skills were shown before he became leader of Nazi-Germany when he would constantly do speeches at local Beer halls. “Hitler 's vitriolic beer-hall speeches began attracting regular audiences. Early followers included army captain Ernst Rohm, the head of the Nazi paramilitary organization”(S1 1). Due to Hitler’s speeches, and the hard times Germany was going through, He was able to attract people to his speeches and slowly people became more and more accustomed to his views. Not only did this grant Hitler a bigger audience, it also allowed him to make contacts

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