Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party Essay

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I aim to investigate how Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party affected German society during 1933 to 1945
Adolf Hitler controlled the lives of millions of Jews through a dictatorship he had formed. What this essay will explain is how he and his Nazi party affected German society during the time period from 1933-1945. Hitler had so much power and authority because he could motivate a crowd and push all the right buttons to instigate a frenzy of cheering and support. German society was rough during the early 1930’s creating the perfect opportunity for a new leader to take charge and make a difference. Adolf took advantage of the economic depression and used it as an incentive to gain the people 's votes.

What was German society like before Hitler was involved?
There were several characteristics which Germany possessed after the First World War which made them vulnerable to being manipulated by someone like Adolf Hitler. Germany was economically devastated after a huge defeat against in World War 1. Due to the Versailles treaty, Germany was forced to incredibly sizeable payments to France and Great Britain. In addition the Versailles treated forced Germany to give up 13% of its land which made many homeless and created unemployment throughout the country. German society was rough before Hitler’s presence and his inspirational speeches about demolishing unemployment were very appealing to the lower and middle classes. Because he was very charismatic, Hitler attracted a lot of votes…

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