How Is Adolf Hitler Related To The Holocaust

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January 30, 1933, the year Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. It is also the start of a period of time that would be later known as the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler was a very strong-minded individual, he liked when things went his way. Germany during this time was a very racial country, people judged others strongly on their religious beliefs, and their political communities. The National Socialist Party, also known as the Nazis, planned to eradicate the Jewish community. This plan was called the final solution.
The word “holocaust” derives from the Greek word “holokauston”, meaning sacrifice from fire. The holocaust targeted many groups of people such as Roma (Gypsies), homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the disabled, and more famously the Jewish people. Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party, created and stated ideas that became known as Nazi ideology. He considered himself a deep and profound thinker. He was convinced he found the key to understanding the extraordinarily complex world. He believed a person's, attitudes, characteristics, behavior, and abilities were determined by his or her so-called racial make-up.
Hitler was obsessed with racial purity. He argued that the Germans were the most superior than all others. He referred to the word “Aryan” to describe what he thought was the “pure German race.” He believed Aryans’ were
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The SS, SA, and the Gestapo set up camps all over Germany. In the camps they held political opponents and those believed to be a threat to the Aryan race. Before capturing and imprisoning Jews, Hitler targeted his own citizens. He put Germans into concentration camps. Anyone who didn’t support the Nazi party would be punished. Germans were put into camps, and about 600 were killed. Hitler had tapped in people’s lives. He heard their phone calls, read their letters, and control their beliefs. It became law to inform the police when someone disagreed with the

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