How Did Hitler Change Germany

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After all that had happened in Germany, there was now a new leader in charge. In 1933, Hitler and the Nazi party were able to take over Germany and change it drastically. Many thought that with Hitler in charge there would be drastic change for the country. Hitler did change things in Germany, but the things he changed were not at all helping the people, rather Hitler having complete power. Eventually Hitler was able to eliminate democracy, create a totalitarian dictatorship, eliminate civil rights, and began to rearm even though they it had been against the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles. When Hitler began to take leadership of Germany, his first action was to the Enable act. The Enable act had been an act in which gave Hitler permission to take control of …show more content…
Hindenburg’s death occurred in August 1934, and even though his death wasn’t cause by Hitler is was a huge step to having Hitler even have more control and power than he already did now. With being the chancellor under the power of Hindenburg, he was now able to combine the office of Reich President and Reich Chancellor, making himself the unchallenged 'Führer ' or leader of Germany. There was so much power going towards Hitler and the Nazi party. Being able to control the government in how they want, and having no repercussion into their actions whatsoever. Some other actions that had been taken on in Germany was their trade. Germany’s trade unions were being closed down and soon dissolving, allowing the Nazis to set up German labor fronts. Taking away all other trade unions within the country was a smart decision by Hitler. Doing so helped him take out any potential revolts against those who were working in the trade union. Having absolute control over all the trade that goes on within the country itself. Giving himself and the Nazi party more power as they go on with the dictatorship in

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