Adolescents At School Book Study Essay

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Adolescents at School Book Study

Educators everyday face the challenge of helping their students achieve success in their respective classrooms and they work towards accomplishing this goal by providing excellent teaching strategies, using new techniques in instruction, and helping students gain an understanding. What some teachers don’t realize is that you can be proficient at all these traits but sometimes it just isn’t enough. In many schools across our country students are going unnoticed through their school lives or they have fallen victim to stereotypical problems in the classroom. This book goes into great detail on the many types of students that are traveling the halls in many of our schools across this nation. The book breaks down the idea that all students follow the traditional norms that have dominated the past and recognizes that many students are following a not so traditional path, which metamorphosis’s their identities completely. This book really pushes today’s educators and administrators to recognize all student identities whether they are traditional or outside the norm. The book is a collection of knowledge from many educators and schools around our country. The pages are packed with a wealth of information such as research, essays, real life commentaries, and actual profiles of students that can be used to help the reader understand the challenges that students face on a daily basis. The book suggests many ideas that can be used to aid all students…

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