Amanda Brown's Case Study Of Amanda Brown

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For the current case study, I’m going to examine a fourteen-year-old girl named Amanda Brown. Amanda’s mother has referred her for concerns regarding Amanda’s “lack of enthusiasm” for school. In order to gain a full understanding of Amanda’s psychopathology to conclude on the services best suited for her needs to achieve in school. Furthering our information by considering the factors that are affecting Amanda’s life such as; family, friends, SES, home life, cultural identity, risk and protective factors and Amanda’s academic and cognitive skills need to be assessed. In regards to Amanda’s life experiences and the factors that are influencing her life as a student analyze her family, school, home, SES, and social groups are important in gathering …show more content…
Based off current information we have some indication of Amanda’s health concerns, teachers have had previous concerns about her academic performance, Amanda’s relationships with her peers, and that Amanda is receiving “Christian curriculum” from her mother while being home schooled. Interviews with Amanda and her mother have also been conducted in regards to her home, school, and social life. The interview with the mother concluded that she is worried for her daughter and that she wants Amanda to have some semblance of a social life. Amanda noted in the interview her inability to do simple tasks like opening and remembering her locker combination, that she had previous interests in music and astronomy. An informal observation was done during the interview noting Amanda’s current state of being unkempt and Amanda’s reaction to the interview of slouching down into her seat. Testing with Amanda consisted of the Woodcock-Johnson, Third Edition Test of Cognitive Abilities (WJ-III-COG) where her scores consisted of a General Intellectual Ability (GIA) of (SS=83). This score indicated that Amanda’s GIA is in the Low Average range compared to other children Amanda’s age. The Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Achievement (WIJ-ACH) was also given to Amanda to assess her academic skills. Amanda scores in the Low Average range compared to other students her age (SS=82). Also, the Behavior Assessment System for Children, Second Edition (BASC-II), which measures social-emotional adaptive areas, was given to Amanda and her mother. To start off this is all a decent amount of information, however, to make a full comprehensive assessment we will need to gather more knowledge. In regards to Amanda’s records it would be important to know what Amanda’s past grades were, the type of curriculum Amanda is being taught and how it is being taught. It would also be important to see how Amanda is being graded

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