Essay about Adolescent Women And Its Effects On Women 's Weight

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“Go ahead and judge me by my weight or my personality, but only I know the truth” (Lina Sultani). Girls today are judged by their physical looks, and for most people now a days it doesn 't matter if women are fat or skinny because they will either be too fat or too skinny. It is just sickening how people can have these kinds of standards towards women 's weight but the matter of fact is that people and society will always have these judgements towards our beautiful women!
Being comfortable in your own skin can be difficult to achieve especially for our women who are constantly put down because of their weight. Our adolescent women are put down on their weight because of bullying. For instance, according to Graham, G. (2012, Oct 07) a girl named Tyson, who went to Scarborough middle school, was being harassed by classmates with hateful comments about her weight. Our question is why are our beautiful adolescent women made fun of at such an early age because of her weight. It is just sickening. Also according to Wienclaw, Ruth A., Rebecca J. Frey, and Andrea Nienstedt, victims of bully 's tend to be more anxious, insecure, and socially isolated. No one should ever be bullied in a way we 're they feel insecure of themselves or even isolated. All kids, adolescent, and grown people should be equally treated because we are all the same! It doesn 't matter if people are fat, skinny, ugly, or weird we should all be treated with respect!
Many people won 't believe that women are…

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