Adolescent Learning Practices And Preferences Essay examples

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This assignment has two folds. First, it attempts to identify, capture and narrate stories of adolescent learning in middle schools via observations. Second, these observations are then analysed and interpreted using the lens of literatures in an attempt to better understand adolescent learning practices and preferences. These interpretations have two possibilities: they are either supported or confuted by the perspectives gained from my interactions with adolescents as well as their teachers during my recent placement. As Pendergast (2009) points out, there is a lack of emphasis on early adolescent education that results in ineffective teaching and learning in the middle years. Hence, in recognising a need for every middle-school teacher to develop a better knowledge and understanding of adolescents, this qualitative exercise plays an important role in my training as a secondary school teacher. At the very least, it affords me a glimpse into the adolescent psyche of this new century.
Adolescents are often seen as a risk or perceived to be at risk (Carrington, 2006). Like many others before me, I, too, acquire such perception in time past. However, having been exposed to fresher and richer perception recently, there is an urgency to replace the old with the new. In order to engage adolescents properly, a teacher must explore and address the various learning needs based on the characteristics of adolescents. MYSA (2008, p. 1) defines middle schooling as “an intentional…

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