Adolescent Girls And Their Knowledge Of The Possible Dangers Of Teenage Pregnancy

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In this article the main focus was on adolescent girls and their knowledge of the possible dangers of teenage pregnancy. The study that was done was interesting and came up with some results that were a little bit surprising. There were also aspects of this article that showed up in the textbook, such as adolescent pregnancy as a whole, and the consequences of adolescent pregnancy. By having this information allows for teachers to use it to their benefit when it comes to situations that may occur in their classroom. There was some very surprising information. Be start off the study was done in India, so even though the information doesn’t come from the United States doesn’t mean that it isn’t beneficial to us. There was a study done on adolescent girls about whether or not they knew what issues could occur if they were to become pregnant at as teenager. The researchers first started off by getting some basic information about them such as their ages, which were 15 and 16, and where have they gotten their information about teenage pregnancy, the number one source was through media which was followed by teacher and having parents be at the bottom (Koteswaramma 231). After this information was collected then they polled the girls on their current knowledge of the anatomy of the male and female reproductive system, the issues that could occur during teenage pregnancy, as well as ways to prevent and manage these issues (Koteswaramma 231). When it came to these results majority…

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