Essay on Admission Impossible : Asian American Students

1894 Words May 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Jiwei Zhang Section: 49
Dr. William Marderness Researched Argument Essay
WRT 102
5 May 2016
Admission Impossible: Asian-American Students in College Admission
In 2014, a newly formed advocacy group called Students for Fair Admissions filed lawsuits against Harvard University in order to end the race-conscious admission towards Asian-American students in their institutes (Schmidt 3). According to the lawsuit, Harvard University has been strictly limiting the number of Asian American students it admits and engaging in “racial balancing” of its student body (Morris 10). Those allegation indicates that Asian American students must compete with each other for a supposedly fixed number of spots. In other word, they are held to a higher academic standard than applicants from other racial or ethnic groups, legacy students, and athletes. This brings up a debate of whether or not Asian-American students are discriminated against in the process of college admission. However, Harvard…

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