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Final Exam ADM 2336 Sections B & C Organizational Behaviour December 10, 2006 Professor: Jules R. Carriere, Ph.D. CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Answer all questions. Write your answers computer readable answer sheet and follow the marking directions. 2) Books and notes are prohibited. All calculators, cellular phones and dictionaries are prohibited. 3) Do not ask the professors or invigilators to interpret the exam questions. 4) Do not remove the staple. 5) Return all examination materials (including the questionnaire) before leaving the examination hall. 6) Complete the peer evaluation form before leaving the examination hall. Statement of Academic Integrity The School of Management does not condone academic fraud, an …show more content…
Criticism is a(n) [BLANK] of Ron's work. A) punisher B) extinguisher C) positive reinforcer D) negative reinforcer E) continuous reinforcer 11) If a behaviour is increasing in probability, we can be certain that it is not being A) negatively reinforced. B) positively reinforced. C) extinguished. D) modeled. E) learned.

Page 3 12) Which of the following statements most accurately defines "perception"? A) Perception is reality. B) Perception is the tendency to attribute one's own thoughts and feelings to others C) Perception is the process by which motives are assigned to explain people's behaviour. D) Perception is the process of interpreting messages of our senses to provide meaning. E) Perception is the tendency to generalize about people and ignore variations between individuals. 13) Which of the following statements is indicative of an implicit personality theory on the part of the speaker? A) "Introverts are honest." B) "Teenagers drive more recklessly than seniors." C) "Roger is aggressive." D) "Accountants are intelligent." E) "Women make bad managers." 14) "You're just like me. I despise you." Which perceptual tendency might the speaker be revealing? A) Similar-to-me effect B) Self-serving bias C) Actor-observer effect D) Projection E) Central Trait 15) A reporter covering a price fixing trial felt that the

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