Addiction : The Problem Of Addiction Essay

949 Words Sep 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Addiction can execute, manipulate, and even take control over not only someone physically, but also mentally. Addiction can happen to anyone from engaging in something that gives them gratification or alleviation. Getting legitimate treatment for help, as nearly all people know, can stop an addiction. Over forty-five percent of people have dealt with addiction at a point in their life, but out of that percentage, only ten percent got treatment to get better. Compulsive is what addiction consists of and can happen to anyone, not just “atrocious” people. Although addiction happens to people that anyone would aspect, it can happen to just an ordinary woman with a hard life. For example, a single mother with three children, who just recently went through a separation with not only her husband, but also her family, suffers from an addiction to alcohol. Taking the children everywhere, buying them all the high-tech items, and trying to be a superlative mother she possibly can is what she makes her life about. After the separation, the mother became stressed, which caused her to drink excessively. Not having anyone to tell her to stop, look at the person you have become, and seek help caused the addiction to occur. Alcoholism can drive from stress. The mother works tirelessly to get her family back and take care of the kids. The drinking and addiction do not make the mother an inadequate person. Having courageous, moral qualities that do not deal with addiction and her issues is…

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