Causes Of Addiction: A Mysterious Disease

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Addiction is a Disease
“The United States has 600,000 heroin addicts and; 2 percent of the world 's population are heroin addicts” (“Substance Abuse”). Addiction is Americas most neglected disease. Addiction is a national epidemic and our nation is failing to address it. Addiction is a problem that touches Americans everywhere from big cities to the smallest towns and from the richest to the poorest neighborhoods. Many groups debate whether people become addicts by choice or if he or she is contracted to the disease of addiction through no faults of their own. It can be both physically and psychologically addictive. Heroin or any kind of addiction can be treated and controlled for anyone with the right approach such as short and long term
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There are many different ways that the severity of addiction can become noticeable. Emotional lows and depression can become very severe and the person may feel like they are trapped in their addiction. Physical health problems related to drug abuse develop often as well. Relapse is common and normal for recovering addicts. There are several different causes that can trigger a relapse but will be different depending on the individual. Emotional factors are an important factor for relapse. Stress, fear, frustration, depression, anxiety and other emotions can lead to relapse because using a drug such as heroin can be used as a coping mechanism. People who are recovering from an addiction can and will be at risk for relapse for years or possibly their whole …show more content…
“Sixty five percent of people in prisons or jails meet medical criteria for substance use disorders, yet lack access to proper treatment” (“Criminal Justice and Reform”). We need to reform our criminal justice system and pursue alternatives to being in prison for too long because of a low level, nonviolent drug offense and ensure people get the treatment they need to get them back up on their feet. We should create a more concrete step between our public health and criminal justice systems before, during, and after a person is released from prison, to ensure the care for those who suffer from substance use

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