Addicts In Addiction Essay

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Addict’s in Remission The world is full of those who struggle with addiction and, often, the addiction goes unnoticed by others. Addicts often are mothers, brothers, friends, and co-workers. An addict may be someone who you interact with on a daily basis. No matter if the addiction is public or hidden, the same question remains, “Can an addict be cured? Is there a cure for addiction?” There are arguments that suggest that an addict can be cured. Chris Prentiss states that, “He believes in a cure and He believe in you.”(Prentiss,Chris) But, what is a cure to him? Believing in a cure for addiction is saying that the problem can be completely solved. Yet, as many who have interacted with an addict knows, sobriety is a lifelong choice, and relapse can be just around the corner in response to certain environmental or social triggers. Many people who use the word “cured” are looking to a higher power that can restore their behavior in a usual or balanced method.
“A cure is a means of correcting or relieving anything that is troublesome or detrimental.” (House) Correcting something means fixing the problem
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He went to church, surrounded his self with good people, and Then he started a business. He began to make a lot of money and soon surrounded his self with people that were associated with alcohol and drugs. My dad will tell you, he can’t just take a sip of alcohol or soon he will fall right back in the same boat. My mama once said that a bottle of mouth wash would set my dad off. I now see that if an addict is associated with harmful substance it could set the addiction of, in this case through my dad. Through this I see that an addict can never be cured. An individuals who backslide after a time of remission will end up back to where they began. This happens on the grounds that they have effectively mental reliance, so it will be troublesome for them to have a sound association with these substances once

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