Addiction : Drug Abuse And Addiction Essay

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Addictions are defined as the inability to consistently abstain, the impairment in behavioral control, diminished recognition of significant problems, and the dysfunctional emotional response to cravings. They often grip the lives of people by altering the brain’s communication system and disrupting the way nerve cells normally send, receive, and process information, as a result causing the loss of control to stop abusing the drug. In the book The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make, Sean Covey encourages teens to fight against the snares of addiction by explaining the three brutal realities, the effects of drug use, and how to break the cycle of addiction.
There are three brutal realities to addictions relating to drug abuse. Often people who have become addicted to substance abuse fight the truth behind quitting. They will often tell themselves, “I can stop anytime” or even refuse the fact that they can’t live without drugs at all. In fact drug abuse and addiction is also a compulsive disorder. That is, it is characterized by cravings that are difficult to control without treatment in a private inpatient rehab center. A good friend of Sean Covey had a serious addiction to alcohol and lost everything including his family, he leaves us with the following statement, “Promises, prayers, good intentions, and tons of willpower had little effect on controlling my craving. The alcohol’s power felt greater than my power. I couldn’t stop drinking- not for my wife, my…

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