Adbusters Media Foundation Case Study

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What is the Adbusters Media Foundation? Adbusters Media Foundation is a not for profit organization that promotes an anti-consumerist pro-environment message. Their message is shared globally through their media content, which consists of a magazine, social media accounts, print advertisements, television campaigns and creation of international movements. The group creates powerful media that can easily be circulated amongst the masses. They are known for their subvertisements which utilize the concept of culture jamming, in order to subvert the dominant messages put forth in advertisements by corporations. Through this growing platform began in the 1980’s in Canada, but their messages can be understood on a global scale. Most of their campaigns …show more content…
Him and wilderness cinematography Bill Schmalz and environmental activists partnered and created their own campaign called “Mystical Forests” (Lasn 30). This campaign stated that logging was not sustainable and the future of British Columbia’s forestry was being threatened. When CBC rejected to air “Mystical Forests” the group “mobilized in retaliation” (Lasn 31). They created press releases, contacted journalists, and protested. Their efforts got wide coverage in print, television, and radio. Soon after, CBC pulled the logging industry’s campaign. They realized that with a budget of zero dollars they beat the forest industry. This realization birthed the Adbusters Media Foundation. After this Adbusters launched more TV campaigns, a media networking magazine, and their website. In their early days they took on the auto industry, the fashion industry, television in general, and over consumption. Since then, the Adbusters Media Foundation has critiqued societies obsession with technology, the food industry, commodity fetishism, government, and

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