Essay about Adam Teva V ' Din

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Adam Teva V’Din Adam Teva V 'Din , or the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, is the driving force behind many of Israel’s environmental achievements. It works to use the power of the science, law, and advocacy to protect Israel’s environment & public health (Adam Teva V’Din, 1996). Deep involvement in policy and legislative innovation support its conviction: “New environmental stresses emerge daily and long-standing inadequacies in environmental legislation must be corrected and updated.” (Adam Teva V’Din, 1996) The unique combination of interests and goals ranging in areas from recycling, to planning & land use, and natural resource management. Adam Teva V’Din is unrelenting in its resolve to improve Israel’s environmental conditions and ensure that social and economic policies will be grounded in environmental protections; thus, it practices all types of sustainability. All three aspect of its sustainability efforts are exemplified through labors to manage Israel’s finite extractive resources; advocate land use reforms that maintain the balance between urban development and the public’s need for open spaces; reduce chemical exposure in the everyday environment, promote the reduction of air pollution, and providing pro bono legal and technical assistance to marginalized communities (Adam Teva V’Din, 1996). Adam Teva V 'Din started as a small group of idealist U.S. Immigrants interested in the environmental advocacy as the foundation for environmental protection of…

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