Activity Overview For Grades 6-8 Math Essay

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1. Activity Overview for Grades 6-8 Math This activity is focused towards 6th-8th-grade level for math. This project consists groups of students (4-6 students) will conduct surveys of a topic of their choice (with teacher’s approval). The students will survey other students in or out of the classroom and collect data in accordance of their topic. Once the data have been collected, the students must create a graph (line graph, pie charts, bar graphs, etc) showing the results. The students will then present to the class with their display board showcasing their survey, data, and graphs.

2. The 5 essential components of cooperative learning
Positive Interdependence
Before the start of the project, the students will write down individually their strengths and weaknesses regarding of their group talent (tech savvy, proficient writing, editing, etc). The teacher will form groups based on students’ strengths and weaknesses. The students will be placed in groups of 4-6 and will be assigned different roles by the teacher. The students will be provided with a rubric and role reminders. The teacher will stress to students the importance of roles within the group, which leads to group success.

Face-To-Face Promotive Interaction
In the beginning of the group activity, the teacher will emphasis the importance of support within the group and to utilize the group members’ strengths and weaknesses for the group overall success (students will discuss their strengths and weaknesses…

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