Active Listening Research Paper

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“Good morning, Steve, did you get all the counts done,” or “Good morning, Jess, we were supposed to have all the walls done yesterday. What happened?” These are typical workplace communications that occur at my retail job between my co-workers and myself. We are a small team that all work in one store, which is owned by a Fortune 500 company. There are three senior managers including myself who need to communicate regularly and effectively in order to make sure that business tasks are completed accurately and on time. There are a variety of co-worker relationships that can develop; informational, collegial, or special. Informational relationships are those that the conversations are solely on work topics, collegial are those work relationships that develop into context-based friendships, special relationships are those that have developed into friendships that move beyond the workplace (CITE TB). Depending on the type of relationship there are up to seven guidelines that drive communication; a) use positive nonverbal cues, b) share information freely, c) resolve conflict through collaboration, d) talk in person, e) demonstrate …show more content…
The main reason that the issue of active listening is important to resolve is to ensure that store operations happen in a timely and accurate manner. A second reason that active listening is an important issue to resolve is for the relationships that are formed in the workplace. Creating and maintaining these relationships are important for workplace collaboration so that the environment remains friendly. Attempting to fix these issues will hopefully allow these relationships to become stronger and increase the timeliness of task completion in the workplace. Implementing active listening techniques will decrease potential misunderstanding as well as allow everybody to have their voice

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