Essay Act 1 Scene 5 Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth

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Act 1 Scene 5 is the first scene in which we encounter Lady Macbeth, one of the main characters of the play. She plays a significant part in Shakespeare’s story of Macbeth. We start off the scene with Lady Macbeth reading a letter from her “beloved husband”; it announces Macbeth’s promotions to be Thane of Cawdor and his encounter with the three witches.
Within Act 1 Scene 5, Lady Macbeth is portrayed to diverge from general stereotypes as she challenges the religious beliefs if the 16th Century. The fact that Lady Macbeth doesn’t conform to traditional stereotypes, creates shock and interest; leading to her character being disliked. She does this by seeking superiority and growing her influence over Macbeth in their inseparable relationship, which proves to add to her gain to power.
Lady Macbeth’s reaction when she reads her husband’s letter is powerful and dramatic, as she shows ‘great’ ambition because she talks about “The future in the instant”. This articulates craving to do things instantaneously, which suggests why their quest for power ended in death and failure.
The very first impressions we gain of Lady Macbeth are of a wicked, devious and aspiring individual. She suggests that she is going to encourage Macbeth into making sure he becomes King. She has a desire for supremacy and is egotistic, with no sense of right and wrong. This scene seems to suggest that Lady Macbeth is the dominant force in her relationship with her husband.
She makes an unusual request to…

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