Achilles As Trouble Hero : Iliad Essay

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Remoon Bekhit
Final Draft
Achilles as Trouble Hero Iliad is the most epic story of the classical literature written by the Homer. The story is basically a mix of Greek and other dialectics. It should be noted that among all the heroes of the Greek mythology especially who fought in the 10 years of the Trojan War, none of the protagonist has been close enough to the greatness of the Achilles. He was a bold and courageous warrior who showed no mercy to the enemy, yet showed intense skills in the battlefield. He was alone responsible for killing the multitudes of the Trojans as well as fierce allies. However, it has been observed through Iliad chapters, Achilles was not without any flaws. His attitude and brashness led him to ignore the advice of the council members. His pride held him back in the battle one event to the point of abandoning his Greek comrades due to his feeling of being insulted. His anger on the other hand was bloodlust and explosive that thoroughly reflects his attire opposite to the heroic characteristics. Achilles demonstrated the qualities of the hero, yet his experience and personal qualities in the battlefield also depict him as the tragic hero. It should be noted that Homer was the creator of the Achilles, so it is far more appropriate to open the character of the Achilles as the tragic hero with his comment that reflects better sketch of the great, yet tragic hero. According to the Homer, Achilles was not kind or tender hearted; rather…

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