Essay on Achieving Success Is Never Easy

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Achieving success is never easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. However, it is easier to achieve success for certain people over the others due to several crucial factors: their gender, class, and traditional culture. In the film Real Women Have Curves, the main character, Ana, faced a different fate from to her friend, Jimmy, upon graduation because of their difference in gender, economic standing, and family obligations. One’s gender, traditional culture, education, and class can influence one’s pursuit of the American Dream because often times people are offered more opportunities based upon whether they are male or female, their social status and financial prosperity, and their family obligation and cultural values. Discrimination against one’s gender is fairly common in America, and it prevents females from a fair opportunity to achieve success. Female workers often receive less opportunities in their workplace because both the women and their employers believe “a woman’s primary jobs are those of wife, mother, and homemaker, even when she works full time in the paid labor force” (Hossfield 209). The women considered their job as secondary and the men to be the major breadwinners when their wages were the main or only family income. Therefore, even when employers say that higher entry-level jobs, wages, and promotions rightly belong to heads of households, but in practice they give such jobs only to men, excluding women regardless of their household…

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