Achieving Goals On The Roadway Of Twenty First Century Jobs Essay

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Achieving goals on the roadway to twenty-first century jobs is the initiative of the Pathways Programs. These programs help high school students and adults achieve a college bond high school diploma or equivalent, and technical skills that will build a career and educational pathway. Community Colleges work toward “partnerships with K-12 schools, the private sector, government, higher education and other entities as one cohesive unit,” preparing students for industry occupations and furthering educational opportunities for students. (Campbell, 2012) These benefits go beyond the individual affecting the colleges, communities and workforce needs of local industries.

The United States was once the leader in education and skills development, this strong nation has fallen behind many other industrial economic nations in the past few decades. The pathway initiatives will help this nation recapture the edge on education by revamping the educational process, reinstituting vocational and technical skills needed for the future of economic growth. Bringing back the young men and low-income students with hands on career building skills while bridging the gaps between high school, certificate programs and college.

The first major link that needs to be redefined are the availability of counselors with sufficient knowledge in technical skills that lead to a career pathway made available to middle school, high school and those who have lost their way in the…

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