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ACC 305 Strayer Test Bank
All Chapters included with answers.
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22.A correct valuation is
a.available-for-sale at amortized cost.
b.held-to-maturity at amortized cost.
c.held-to-maturity at fair value.
d.none of these.
23.Securities which could be classified as held-to-maturity are
a.redeemable preferred stock.
c.municipal bonds.
d.treasury stock.
24.Unrealized holding gains or losses which are recognized in income are from securities classified as
d.none of these.
P25.When an investor's accounting period ends on a date that does not coincide with an interest receipt date for bonds held as an investment, the investor must
a.make an adjusting entry to debit Interest Receivable and to credit Interest Revenue for the amount of interest accrued since the last interest receipt date.
b.notify the issuer and request that a special payment be made for the appropriate portion of the interest period.
c.make an adjusting entry to debit Interest Receivable and to credit InterestRevenue for the total amount of interest to be received at the next interest receipt date. nothing special and ignore the fact that the accounting period does not coincide with the bond's interest period.
S26.Debt securities that are accounted for at amortized cost, not fair value, are
a.held-to-maturity debt securities. debt securities.
c.available-for-sale debt securities.

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