Essay on Academic Success Of Homeschooled Students

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Good education is the main sign to predict the human success in the future. High quality education is defined by many significant factors such as, the flexibility of choosing curriculums and it is the suitable choice for disabilities. all of the previous components are important to create successful and professional student in his future job and life.

According to “exploring academic success of homeschooled students”Cogan,M F(2010) said,” homeschooling is a type of education which typically occurs in the home with the child’s parent or guardian serving as the primary educator.”

I believe that homeschooling became better choice than traditional whether public or private schools in the United States. For two reasons: the flexibility that the students and their parents have in choosing their studying subjects and the benefits that homeschooling curry for disabilities children.

The flexibility of choosing curriculum creates successful and professional homeschooled students. providing the students with lots of flexibility in selecting their curriculums, can able them to focus at any beneficial field of study or science that they are interested in, and makes them become more knowledgeable and experts in their future, and that in turn will create useful upcoming generations.

In the article of “homeschooling” Kate McReynolds(2007) Said, “There is no uniform curriculum; standardized tests are voluntary in many states; and federal systems of “accountability” are…

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