Academic Aspect Of Rutgers University Essay

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Nearly thirty-eight percent of college students end up transferring out of the school they applied and committed to before they graduate. A lot of high school students dream of having the "college experience" but soon realize that that experience is not exactly what they hoped for.

I was THAT high school student. The one that committed to their dream university the second they were accepted. I visited about three other colleges but none of them stood out to me like Rutgers University did, it was love at first sight. Of course later on down the line I eventually researched the academic aspect of Rutgers because what really sold me was it’s social atmosphere: nearly 33,000 students, widely known football team, five campuses, crazy school spirit and the fact that you can buy ANYTHING with the Rutgers logo on it from playing cards to toe rings. To top it off, my best friend was attending also and we decided to be roommates! I was apart of the 37.2 percent because I let all of this get to my head way too easily.I was so eager to get to experience “college” like the movies: living in a dorm room, being on my own, going to crazy parties. I wanted so bad to be a part of a school where you didn’t see the same person twice. So I let the "little fish big pond" phenomenon slip my mind.

My dream school turned on me rather quickly. My lack of research on the types of academic opportunities Rutgers possessed for English Education majors started to bubble to the surface. Being away from…

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