Absurdity Is The Most Important Role As Well Essay examples

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Most people believe that absurdity is the only important role that is set in the book, while others believe that racism plays an important role as well. For example, none of the Arabs in the novel receive a name. Most people agree that absurd individuality is the most important theme in the novel because of the way Meursault looks at life. Meursault looks at life as meaningless, but it really isn 't until he is sitting in his cell thinking about life and realized the truth life; there is no point to it. The author Albert Camus looks at life as ultimately purposeless, basically saying that it doesn 't matter. “My whole being tensed and I squeezed my hand around the revolver.The trigger had gave; I felt the smooth underside of the butt; and there, in that noise, sharp and deafening at the same time,m is where it all started. I knew that i had shattered the harmony of the day, the exceptional silence of a beach day where I’d been happy.Then I fired four more times at the motionless body where the bullets lodged without leaving a trace. And it was like knocking four quick times in the door of unhappiness” (Camus 59). I believe that Meursault only kills the Arab to feel a sense of life or meaning because his life is so boring and he really has nothing to show for it, and may not be as happy as he would like. Meursault is one of the main characters in the novel and resides in Algiers. His mother stays in a nursing home, that is about 80 kilometers from where he stays. One day…

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