Abstinence Only Education As A Form Of Sexual Health Education

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Having abstinence only education as a form of sexual health education can lead women to be have problems in the future. As in the article “We need to raise awareness about female fertility before it is too late”, there is a nurse who mentions the importance for young people to be taught the biology of reproduction as a part of a sexual health education class (Denton 32). She states that there are women around their late thirties and early forties who are having a hard time conceiving (Denton 32). This was a result of young women not knowing the facts about reproduction, which let them to have a difficult time when they want to get pregnant. By informing children at a younger age using comprehensive sexual health education it will raise awareness about fertility, since abstinence only education informs children based on values and beliefs and therefore it does not inform children about reproduction.
Adolescents that are sexuality active can easily make the mistake of getting pregnant or even catching a sexually transmitted disease. Through proper sexual health education this things mentioned previously can be prevented or decreased. Not does only what kind of sexual health education affect the attitudes toward sex. The type of sexual health education like, abstinence only, can lead to adolescents to drop out of high school. Since teenagers are not aware about the different methods of prevention through abstinence only education, teen pregnancy is one of the outcomes. Teen…

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