Essay on Abraham Lincoln 's Fight For A Slave Free United States

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The objective of this book is to provide an alternative insight into the actions that Abraham Lincoln propagated in his supposed fight for a slave free United States. According to the book, there was a hidden agenda in Lincoln’s adamant fight against slavery (DiLorenzo p. 2). The author gives the notion that the Civil War was not necessary and as such, all six-hundred thousand (600,000) plus lives that were lost on the battlefield could have been entirely avoided. This reasoning, derives from the belief that there were many other colonies throughout the states that ceased slavery without an act of violence. British Colonies and French States reached agreements to end slavery peacefully, and further recognized blacks as citizens of their respective territories. However, Lincoln engaged the use of force by enslaving the country into a controversial, Civil War. The author explains the rationale behind Lincoln’s decisions to plan and orchestrate the war, instead of attempting peaceful discussions with the southern states.
The author, DiLorenzo, believes that he found evidence to prove the Civil War was not created to end slavery. Accordingly, DiLorenzo claims, the Federal government which was being persuaded by Lincoln, was at loggerheads with the States government over the State of the Union. Most of the southern states wanted to secede from the Union and become stand alone countries. However, Lincoln saw this as a threat to the stability of the government and as such, enabled…

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