About Anaphylaxis Essay

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About Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis can be defined as a life threatening and sometimes fatal allergic reaction. It is an allergic reaction that involves several organ systems simultaneously. When you are experiencing this severe reaction, symptoms will manifest in the lungs, skin, throat, nose, or gastrointestinal tract. This type of allergic episode is sometimes called anaphylactic shock, although you may experience this severe allergic event without going into shock, and this would entail a precipitous drop in blood pressure.
Anaphylaxis usually occurs after an individual has been initially exposed to an allergen. After that first exposure, the person becomes highly sensitized to that particular allergen. When they are exposed once again,
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Moreover, those who have experienced anaphylaxis in the past are more likely to suffer attacks subsequently.


This condition is normally diagnosed during childhood, but it has been known to develop in adulthood. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know whether or not you are susceptible to anaphylaxis until you experience an episode. Once a person has experienced this type of attack, it is imperative that the individual visit a physician or allergist to identify the specific allergies that caused the attack and to receive proper instructions on how to treat the reaction in case of future occurrences. Subsequent attacks are indeed a concern, since approximately 25% of the individuals who have suffered one reaction will have a reoccurrence sometime in the future.


Those individuals who are prone to severe allergic reactions need to undergo formal allergy testing with a conventional allergy doctor or an energy-based allergy doctor, sometimes known as NAET practitioners. Once you are aware of your allergies, you will be better able to avoid the substances that are of particular danger to you, especially when foods are implicated, since you can choose to avoid what you ingest.
If allergy testing indicates one is allergic to insect stings or venom, the physician may recommend immunotherapy. These are weekly injections that

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