Abortion : What Part Of Thou Shalt Not Kill Don 't You Understand?

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Abortion: What Part of Thou Shalt Not Kill Don 't You Understand?
Imagine a picture of aborted babies. When looking at the child you will see a defined face, arms, fingers, and hands. Although it is not fully developed it still has human features. It is a living human being. Now notice all of the blood surrounding the torn apart body. Your head should be spinning and confused wondering why so many people are killing small, innocent human beings. The abortion movement is like a house built on the sand. It does not have a firm foundation; it is built on an unstable and faltering foundation and the house is being held up with false science and misleading terms like ¨pro-choice.” All of these are lies. In America, abortion has become the most controversial topic and the truth needs to be heard. Abortion is the killing of innocent human beings. People who are pro choice choose this side because they get what they want instead of what is right. Also, they do not realize that their stance is not supported by facts. Rather, it is supported by opinions. Pro choice is an opinion that is supported by lies. Pro life is a fact that is supported by the truth.
The first lie that forms the ideology of abortion is: ¨a human fetus is not a human being” (). The main argument of pro choice organizations is it denies the fact that every baby, from the time of conception, is a living being. Give a piece of data from your research to support the claim you have made. Be sure to end with a…

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