Essay on Abortion, The Non Surgical Way Of Terminating A Pregnancy

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Abortion is a very touchy topic for many people. Some religions are strongly against abortion and have rallies to “Protect Life”. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy; and by some is called murder of a baby. The reasons for an abortion are often judged and cause many arguments. For this reason, and many more, abortion is one of the major things discussed in Medical Law and Ethics. Abortion isn’t just open wide and let me scrape this baby out; there are two types of abortions and a lot go into the procedures. There are Medical Abortions and Surgical Abortions. Medical Abortion is the non-surgical way of terminating a pregnancy. The woman takes a medication known as the “abortion pill” which is normally used within the first 9 weeks of a pregnancy, by then the baby’s heart has already started beating and the baby’s brain has already conducted electrical activity, so the baby is a human being. From conception to 24 weeks (viability), abortion is totally legal. The abortion pill works simultaneously with another pill called misoprostol, which is taken 24-48 hours after taking the abortion pill. Misoprostol flushes the uterus out, which then causes insane bleeding and cramps. The bleeding and the cramps normally last a few days later and two weeks after taking the pill, women are encouraged to go talk to their doctor to make sure the pregnancy is completely terminated. Surgical abortion is effective and more invasive. The first type of surgical abortion…

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