Essay about Abortion Should Not Be Legal

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Abortion has been a debatable topic for quite some years now; even though no one could ever seem to come to a consensus on whether it is wrong or right, good or bad; abortion was made legal on January 22, 1973. Abortion takes away the right to life from the unborn, innocent baby, and having a baby is a true blessing from God, and it is a violent act that should never be legal under any circumstances; no woman should have the lawful right to abort a baby for her own selfish reasons .
Violent acts done deliberately should not be mistakenly represented as “rights”; they are an act of violence and should have consequences just like any other. Two of the male founders of the National Association to Repeal Abortion Laws were among the first to portray abortion as a “right” rather than an act of violence” (Foster 3). During the procedure of an abortion, the doctor will take a tube and suck the baby out of the womb. The results of this end in a death and loss of the baby. If this is acceptable for women to do, then why is it not acceptable for a man to go and shoot an innocent man on the streets? He would get jail time for this while a mother killing her baby gets no punishment and no consequences. Women that do not want a pregnancy should be no exception to the law for murdering a baby.
Ever since the historic event of Roe v. Wade, the decision of aborting the baby has always been left up to the mother, “Within a survey in 1987 by AGI, most women have three to four reasons for…

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