Abortion : Pro Choice Or Pro Life Essays

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Abortion The topic of abortion has been an ongoing debate throughout the decades. The battle whether it should be pro-choice, or pro-life has been a controversial topic in many ways. This paper will highlight the different views on whether or not it is a good thing to some and why it is a bad thing for others. It will also highlight different aspects on why a woman has the right to her body and why certain viewpoints are against it.
Why is it wrong to have an abortion? Abortion is a broad topic and has been viewed upon through different lenses. These lenses include religious, political, and medical classifications on why it is wrong to perform an abortion. Through a religious view, mostly in a Christian observation, a woman is not given the chance to abort no matter the circumstances, except if her life is endangered, or her baby’s. In a Christian perspective abortion is a crime and has long-life consequences. They also believe that given state taxes is unnecessary do that a vast majority of these abortions are done to younger girls. In some countries, for example El Salvador, a woman is considered a murderer even if the pregnancy was a miscarriage. Along with 66 countries, El Salvador is one of the many countries that can incarcerate a female for a miscarriage or complications in the pregnancy. Other beliefs include that it’ll create harm to the woman who is getting the abortion and also create a possibility of a future miscarriage. The main point of a…

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