Abortion Is The Ending Of A Pregnancy Essay

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Abortion When a woman becomes pregnant, they start to form a fetus in the womb of the woman. There are times when the mother of the fetus does not want the child. So in order to be rid of the fetus they would go to the doctor to perform a surgery to be rid of the baby. The surgery is called abortion, abortion is the ending of a pregnancy, performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion began over several centuries ago, there is a history of women helping each other to abort their child. Until the late 1800s, women that specialized in medical procurers in Western Europe and the U.S. help provide abortions and trained other women how to conduct the surgery, without legal prohibitions. Several years later abortion became a crime for several reasons. Around the mid-19th century broadened liberal support for criminalization, because at that time abortion was too dangerous of a procedure to be done with crude methods, few antiseptics. Many women died of the loss of blood or pain. Around the same time, male doctors began learning and started to be tightening their skills and control over the medical profession. Doctors considered midwives, who attended births and performed abortions as part of their regular practice, and valued them very highly. Years later, the government began to make abortion illegal. Saying that the only reason to have an abortion was because of rape or incest. That law later changed. But every state, there are different restrictions. In the…

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