Abortion Is A Probable Source For Unsafe Abortions Essay

1259 Words May 11th, 2015 6 Pages
According to the World Health Organization, “Forty-seven thousand women die from complications of unsafe abortion each year”. While these numbers are unsettling enough, with the outlaw of abortion these numbers will continue to rise. The debate of “Pro life” and “Pro choice” are the two sides of abortion that have split the world in half: this being a debate between morality, and free will. The outlaw of abortion affects the norm of society; abortion forces the usage of unsafe abortions, a rise in the already overpopulated planet, and a financial impact of the child’s mother (WHO). While no state within the United States has made abortion fully illegal, some states continue to constrict the rules that surround abortion. While abortion dispatches the potential life of an unborn child, it should remain legalized and the restrictions surrounding abortion should be terminated: abortion is a probable source for unsafe abortions, over population, and because of a child’s imperious impact of the financial stability of the mother. Initially, many would argue that the legalization of abortions is an unnecessary procedure because of the bible 's reference to a fetus as “small children.” For example, some religious followers claim that abortion should not be practiced because, “life is sacred and inviolable” (qtd. Religious Views on Abortion); the article claims that God created sex for procreation, and abortion is the killing of not only human life, but of God’s will. Along with…

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