Abortion Is A Form Of Murder Essay example

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Although abortion was not popular or commonly practiced until its legality in 1970, millions of babies’ deaths have resulted from it solely in our nation since then. As well as being a popular debate topic in today’s world, abortion is also widely practiced in the lives of thousands of American women every month. There are various reasons why abortion is so common and popular ranging from the baby being an inconvenience or distraction in the mother’s life to the more tragic rape case. Although there are many heartrending reasons why a woman might become pregnant, those rare cases do not dismiss the fact that abortion is a form of murder. The claim that having an abortion is murder can be accepted or denied depending on either ones moral compass or religious beliefs. Using the Bible as a source of guidance in life will determine that abortion is indeed murder. Not only does abortion take the lives of innocent babies, it also affects the mother’s emotional and psychological well-being and the spiritual well-being of our nation. The topic of abortion has become wildly popular in the world of debate with two sides competing against each other: pro-life and pro-choice. One side, pro-life, advocates for the unborn child’s right to life while the other, pro-choice, pushes for the right of the mother to have control over what happens to her body. There is a fine line to draw in this disagreement: does the mother have the right to abort/kill a separate life? In today’s…

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