Case Study: Teenage Pregnancy And Option A

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In the two options, option A is more suitable to address the problem of Sandy than option B. Option A is almost solved Sandy and her mother 's problems to get balance, make both Sandy and her mother understand relevant knowledge, while finding the optimal solution.
In option A, there are two sides. One side is that Sandy was not pregnant. Due to Sandy’s symptom what was nauseated and very tired, she suspected pregnancy. Sandy had recovered from the ankle fracture, and her hemoglobin level was less than the normal range. Because of that, it could be vomiting and fatigue. This indicates that Sandy is a lack of sexual knowledge, and confuse the symptoms of pregnancy. To a certain extent reflects that lack of sex knowledge education for minors
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Mary understands that Sandy is very anxious when to know she was pregnant, and she was being blamed by her mother, but she ignored her health problem. Although Sandy has enough cognitive ability, which has also be recognized by law. That does not mean she can correctly handle the medical consequences of the risk. Under the law mention that according to the degree of the case to deal with, rather than depend on the ages (Policy Directive). She did not understand what the risks of teenage pregnancy. The girl under the age of 20 is still in the developmental stage, and the body organs are not fully developed. In general, women only after the age of 20 will gradually mature, whole bone and tooth calcification, even wisdom teeth, until after 23 years old to complete. If the girl is a pregnancy in the growth stage and development of early pregnancy is bound to result in the fetus with maternal contention nutrition, lead to both maternal and baby cannot grow health. So this will not only affect the growth of the fetus and the mother, there will be a lot of complications. Such as high blood pressure, premature children, birth defects and so on. Through the data (who 2011), gravid less than 20 years old to the …show more content…
Under Australian law, Mary should oblige to protect medical privacy of Sandy. Mary got Sandy 's trust, but this lead to Sandy has other medical risks. Due to her afraid, her mother knew that she may choose abortion. Abortion leads to the body occurs a lot of complications. Abortion leads to great harm in the uterus, that easy to infect, salinities, pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases. Minor uteri do not fully develop, abortion may make thinning of the uterine wall, resulting in an inability to pregnancy. Also, if Sandy would like to keep this baby, she does not have good care in early pregnancy of her mother, maybe lead to infant and maternal health are affected. Although Mary attained the trust in Sandy, she may also be blamed by Mrs. Wilson. Mary can respect Sandy 's wish, but she needs to clearly point out more all these medical risks. This is the responsibility of a professional nurse

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